An unprecedented amount of data is becoming available due to the simplification and democratization of widely reachable publication via the Web (e.g., webpages, blogs, tweets) and the advancement and availability of sensory devices (e.g., smartphone cameras, GPS). These large datasets (volume) come in various modalities (variety) and at different frequencies (velocity) with different characteristics (value, variability, veracity).

Different fields of informatics have been studying specific challenges (the “v’s”) individually by focusing on specific modalities, for example, computer-vision researchers have worked on analytics on large datasets but only for video and images, natural-language-processing studies have focused on analytics on large datasets but only for text, database researchers have been dealing with volume and velocity but only for structured and semi-structured data, multimedia systems focus on velocity but only for unstructured data, data-mining is defined as statistics for volumes of structured data, etc.

However, it has become clear that the requirements of real-world applications demand integrated solutions that can work in tandem to address at-once the multiple challenges associated with real-world BigData, which goes beyond a single field. That is, a combination of expertise (and utilities) is required to tame the data and make sense of it in support of an application. There is no doubt that the applications are plenty, from transportation to finance, from social studies to scientific discoveries and from public health to security and safety.


Links to USC Viterbi School of Engineering projects in the area of BigData.

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